A Project Mover is not a rigger, nor a mover who moves offices and
factories, seasonally and/or on weekends. A Project Mover is a full time industrial
relocations expert that does it all.  He sub-contracts nothing out.

•        A Project Mover, in most cases, eliminates as many as twelve (12) different
contractors required to move a factory.  He works 365 days per year and is used
to working flexible hours and all holidays.  He does whatever it takes to get your
job done on time.

•        A Project Mover is capable of moving offices, computers, de-installing and
reinstalling office partitions, shelving, mezzanines and pallet racking, as well as
your inventory.  He has the capabilities to modify and/or change any of the above

•        A Project Mover is capable of installing your foundation, as well as your most
sophisticated machinery and equipment.  All this work is done in-house, including
all your electrical and mechanical work, reinstallation, as well as startup and

•        A Project Mover is skilled in aligning and leveling the most complicated
equipment, both manually and with optical laser equipment.

•        A Project Mover typically moves all of his projects on his own fleet of
equipment, size or number of loads is never a problem.  His fleet is surpassed by
none on the highway today.  His drivers are trained, courteous, and well-seasoned

•        A Project Mover very seldom uses temporary manpower or manpower out of
a union hall.  All of his employees are well-trained and drug and alcohol free.  His
team is dedicated and travels as a team, just as all professional sports teams do

•        A Project Mover offers you both new and used pallet racking, shelving, and
mezzanine.  He is capable of customizing any of the above items to fit your needs.

•        A Project Mover offers your company 'Move Management' at no additional
cost.  He meets with you and your staff to streamline the project, and make things
happen on time and hassle free.  Your “Move Manager” is your single point of
contact for your entire project.   

•        A Project Mover also has demolition expertise and is capable of wrecking
the largest structures, as well as handling all your EPA requirements.

•        A Project Mover has in-house construction crews capable of any construction
project.  No project scope is too large.  His team is capable of building everything
from a building, to constructing new offices, to adding an entire factory wing.

•        A Project Mover has a Staff Engineer capable on analyzing the most difficult
picks.  He calculates and preplans all aspects of the pick to assure the project
goes smoothly.

•        A Project Mover has his Field Supervisor well trained in every aspect of
safety.  He is committed to a total Safety Program and continuously assesses
each project with this in mind.  Safety is not just a manual printed to take up shelf
space.  This program includes first aid coverage, as well as certification of forklift

•        There are a very few so-called "Project Movers".  Don’t commit to the wrong
one. Hosea is definitely one of the most qualified.  We seem to think, and have
been told, we are the best.