Demolition & Excavation Services


We provide a full demolition and clearance service to sites in industrial, commercial, and residential environments, within both the public and private sectors whether by traditional
methods, or by the latest techniques of detonation and implosion.

We also undertake works on sites where facades are to be retained, and where adjacent structures are to be supported. In these situations, we can offer a full design and calculation service, in addition to carrying out the trade contract works.

Hosea‘s Demolition Division is cost-effective, on-time work is accomplished by a professional, experienced, and well-managed organization. From pre-project planning and scheduling to worry-free on-site performance.



When Hosea removes a structure from a site or dismantles the interior of a facility, the
service is performed quickly, safely and with minimum business interruption. Our
experience is highly diversified. State-of-the-art demolition methods are used to promote
cost effectiveness. Depending on the specific situation other unique demolition methods
are often devised by our experienced personnel. Whether the assignment is large or
small, lasts several days or months, Hosea has the experience, resources, and equipment
to assure timely and orderly demolition, dismantling, and project cleanup.

Hosea Global Relocation Services, LLC has extensive experience in mass earthwork and
removal, site preparation and development, and major materials handling projects. Hosea
is often called upon to remove machinery, equipment, and other assets from structures
prior to an industrial demolition. Each project is given the care and services our customer’
s desire and expect. Equipment and material removed can be delivered to another site, 
recycled, or scrapped - whatever meets your needs.

To request more information, please contact TONY CHILELLI @ 859-356-8900
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