Warehousing & Storage


Hosea has approximately 1,500,000 square feet of warehousing space available for all of your warehousing needs. We can store palletized inventory, as well as large pieces of machinery. Our list of customers includes:  Portion Pac, Alcoa, Cincinnati Machine to mention a few. We even store vital life-saving equipment for the Covington, KY Fire

Time is money, and the time you would have to spend researching, securing, setting up and operating your warehousing facilities amounts to money lost. That's why you should leave it to us.

Whatever your need is, big or small, shelved, containerized or on pallets, we have it available and waiting for you. Overflow space for your merchandise is always available. Don't ever be worried about warehouse capacity or storage space when you work with us.

In addition to floor storage, we also feature a 68,000 square foot high bay. This high bay is ideal for a pick and pack distribution operation. It has space for over 28,000 pallets and has its own dedicated dock doors for loading and unloading.