Our comprehensive inventory is designed to anticipate every challenge facing manufacturers, distributors, and warehouses. If you are not sure what kind of pallet rack or other type of rack you need, our dedicated staff of professionals can help you decide what material handling needs are best for your company. Hosea supplies both new racking equipment and specialty racking systems, We specialize in used materials as well; we can help you stay within your budget.

HOSEA also offers additional services:

  • Installation, with anchoring & laser leveling
  • Delivery
  • CAD Layout
  • Need Analysis Service
  • Damage Repairs and Replacement

Another valuable service we offer is our Pallet Rack and Furniture Exchange Program. How it works is that we will install new pallet rack and/or office furniture at the new location prior to your move. Then at the end of the move, we will take your old pallet rack and furniture in exchange for credit toward your new racking system. The added benefit of utilizing this program is that there will be no downtime for your inventory. Your product will simply be moved from your current rack to the new rack.

To keep pace with your company's growth and your need for more storage for your expanding inventory, Hosea is your one-stop-shop for new & used pallet rack.

To request more information, please contact Kevin Orme 859-356-8900 or email: kevin@hosea.com